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全城熱話【新冠疫苗接種醫學豁免證明書】急你所急 用心解答咨詢

Patient Recovered from COVID-19

Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificate

CONTE MEDICAL 童珀醫療近日收到大量染疫康復者查詢,欲了解如何取得「新冠疫苗接種醫學豁免證明書」,我們的醫生團隊即時回應市民所需,為康復者特設豁免證明書 (又稱「免針紙」)特別服務,集中處理大家的查詢,消除憂慮。


This service is suitable for the following patient recovered from COVID-19 ONLY

  • 受感染前未接種疫苗的人士 

Not vaccinated before infection​

  • 受感染前已接種一劑疫苗的人士 

Vaccinated ONE dose before infection​

  • 受感染前已接種兩劑疫苗的人士

Vaccinated TWO doses before infection​

  • 服務內容包括「醫生面診」及「豁免證明書」

This service including The Certificate with Doctor Consultation ​

  • 必須帶同香港政府認可化驗所發出的新冠核酸檢測陽性報告

Please bring along with your COVID-19 RT-PCR Report with POSITIVE Result, the report should be released by a laboratory​ recognized by the GOVHK

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* 因港府就防疫及接種疫苗政策方面時有更新,客人請自行了解適合個人需要的服務及產品,再作購買 

Since the anti-epidemic measures and vaccination regulations may change by the GovHK, customers should be aware of the latest changes before purchasing our services and products

* 如有任何爭議,童珀醫療保留最終決定權

CONTE MEDICAL has the final decision in case of dispute